When David Balme died in 2016 the UK’s major newspapers ran front page obituaries because his actions may have saved two million lives.

Never heard of him?

Not surprising. 

Balme was an officer in the Royal Navy. 

In 1941 he was on a ship that, after hours of depth charges, forced U-110 to surface. 

Balme personally boarded U-110, searched the submarine, and discovered a typewriter-like device. 

That was the German Enigma encipher machine that allowed secure communication. 

Balme and his crew recovered the Enigma device, code books, and all associated material. 

This was the key piece of information that allowed Alan Turing and Bletchely Park the piece of info they needed to unravel the Nazi’s secret communication codes. 

From there the Atlantic shipping lanes were opened and the greatest logistical operations in history was running full steam. 

The success was kept secret for obvious reasons and many of those involved do not get the name recognition of generals and political leaders of the era. 

However, this demonstrates the invaluable nature of intelligence. 

Intelligence is essential to creating an advantage if you want to be a successful investor. 

The financial world runs on “intel.”

There are endless examples of how much intel is worth. 

Armies of six figure analysts break down every bit of data they receive. 

Hedge funds famously hire industry consultants to get an idea of shipping volumes for parts of major consumer products like the chips in iPhones. 

But the hard, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt proof of the enormous value of intel is Bloomberg. 

Blooming generates an estimated $10 billion per year in revenue by providing intelligence and information to the financial community. 

There are 325,000 Bloomberg terminals around the world and the cost for one is $2000 per month.

That’s the goal of Shareholder Intel. 

To bring the top-tier intelligence that professional investors have used for years to regular investors. 

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