Safest Stocks To Own Right Now


Top "Safe Haven" Stocks To Buy Now

The traditional “safe havens” just aren’t all that safe.

They never really are. 

The bear always gets up to the  “[Insert sector here] still grows in a recession” stocks.


Gold rarely does well out of the gate.

Gold prices dropped in 2008, 2020, and are taking another hit. 

There are real safe havens though. 

And if you want safety in any market, deep value stocks have it.

Right now there’s only one deep value play out there that offers true safety. 

Best of all, it’s not just a stock, but an entire sector.

This chart from Ninepoint Partners shows where today’s “safe haven” lies:

The biggest outliers are on the lower right where high free cash flow and low price meet. 

All of the dots are of the energy sector.

If you want safety today, it won’t be in real estate or healthcare, it will be in energy. 

Most investors have long since bailed on energy stocks and that is what gives them a higher degree of safety.

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