Artificial Intelligence Headed For Unmatched Adoption Rate


AI Set For Record Adoption Rate

The Harvard Business Review about the pace of mass adoption of new technologies.

Granted, the chart is imperfect.

But one thing it proves beyond a reasonable doubt is that technology adoption is much faster than ever before. 

For example, it took 100 years for the landline telephone to reach 80% adoption. 

The cellphone went from 5% adoption around 1990 to 80% in less than 15 years. 

Here’s the key difference when it comes to the next major innovation like AI. 

There was major infrastructure needed for landlines telephones. 

There was major infrastructure needed, albeit much less, for cell phones. 

Most of the major infrastructure – computers, processing power, and the Internet – are already in place for AI. 

black and gray corded telephone by Wilhelm Gunkel is licensed under

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