Conditions In Place For New Bubble


Conditions Are Right For A New Bubble

If you’re reading this, you’re going to make a fortune at some point soon. 

Not because Shareholder Intel is some oracle with a perfect insight into the future. 

We watch the best investors in the world to get ideas. 

Then we focus on the risks and rewards of those ideas from there. 

That’s the strategy.

It’s simple, yet it can work wonderfully.

That is not why we’re here right now though. 

Instead, we’ve uncovered some new data that’s even simpler, yet could multiply your wealth multiple times over. 

And since you’re reading this, you will be in a position to take advantage of it all too. 

That’s because after a wild 2022 and a dreary economic outlook, you’re still still looking for great investments. 

That’s all you need to keep doing because the conditions are right for a major new bubble soon.  

Gasoline Meet Spark

There is no better time to make a lot of money quickly than in a bubble. 

As long as you realize what is happening, fight off every greedy instinct, and sell out anywhere near the top, you can make a fortune even if you are very late to buy in. 

The conditions were ideal in 2020 and 2021 for bubbles. 

The massive government handouts put trillions of new dollars in circulation. 

They had to go somewhere. 

And they did. 

Crypto, meme stocks, and, most absurdly, NFTs. 

Electronic pictures of apes (and no copyright royalties) were going for more than a moderate suburban house. 

That’s the kind of madness that can happen when there is too much money floating out there. 

It’s what happened in 2020 and 2021. 

And it will happen again.

And it could happen again sooner than later. 

Because right now the amount of free, investable money out there is higher than it was in 2020. 

This chart of the “Currency and Checkable Deposits” from the Federal Reserve shows what we mean. 

It’s not just “cash and checking accounts” like most measures of cash. Because that’s down near $1 trillion currently. 

Instead, this includes Money Market funds too which are holding trillions of dollars. 

Either way, it’s a measure of the amount of cash out there floating around.


The cash out there is astounding. 

It will go somewhere.

All you need is a good story, an uptrend, and a little urgency to create a new bubble in a sector. 

Here’s where we’re looking.

A Bubble Brews

There’s any number of potential bubbles out there. 

From history we know a new bubble is rarely something that has happened before or happened recently. 

The cannabis bubble hit because it was new and few really understood how competitive the business will be. 

The crypto bubble soared because it was new and there’s no way to fundamentally value the underlying asset. 

The dot-com had an unlimited future. 

The “peak oil” bubble of 2008 came after a 25 year bear market in oil and was founded on people believing the world was running out of oil.. 

Something new or old.Every time.

That’s why we’re watching precious metals, something old and out of favor for years.

And AI stocks, something new and tough to value.

They’re the most likely candidates for the next big bubble run. 

If either breaks out in the future they could have serious legs with $5 trillion of FOMO power to push them to insane highs. 


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